A Lecture By Paramahamsa Yasima

Question: How to live in present moment?


Mind is going into the past and then future, the space between two is present. Our whole life is going to past. The mind is jumping between past and future, and most of the time cant stay in present! So these thoughts are related to past or future. Hence the term used for thoughts coming in mind is “thoughts per second” or tps.

For example it is going on 100 thought per mind. If someone do meditation this tps comes down, and gradually it becomes to zero. This is like manual, manual to know, how mind works and then we can control it. When we reach zero that person is enlightened he can see past and future. “De javu” is the term used for the situation which we sometime feels has also happened before, so actually it happens when sometimes mind comes to zero.

You see the future for the next five minutes. But we should also know the fact that we decide our future with our action and because of that step we take, we can see the future. With zero tps you can see eternity! No starting no end. Its just like on ocean which is flowing. The ocean has to go, there is no defined route. If you are in the presence of the enlightened master your tps comes down automatically. We have five layers: the first/ physical layer that is on individual level, The second layer is prana layer, life force energy, which effects us on larger scale.

Then mental layer, if one leader becomes leader he influence the whole nation. Next one is visual level that is visualization for example atomic bomb was discovered on visual layer. Last layer is bliss that is our reality that cannot be corrupted. The mental layer is corrupted on collective level.

The aim of spirituality is to come to the core, to the bliss. Enlightened person is on bliss layer where tps comes down to zero. In order to bring the tps down no need to do anything, just sit down and relax and be there.

Time is in circle not in linear as is generally believed. Yasima jee drew a wheel showing past present and future one after another. When we come in the middle of the wheel the whole present past future are same. Everything IS…..where all questions end!